Breaking Down The Premier League Season

For almost every football fan here in India, (probably all over the world), the Premier League is a living, breathing example of the sheer power a football narrative can hold over the heart. For anyone that likes a little bit of nostalgic proof – Aguero’s last microsecond title-winning goal, Tottenham and their addiction to St. Totteringham’s Day, the Swansea story or Mourinho’s second spell at Chelsea.

Surely you’ve experienced or thought about something that’s larger than life, because of football. Yes, goals and points and wins and losses, but triumph and tears and revenge and miracles as well. It’s all about the stories.

So, as the Premier League kicks off again in earnest after the international break, let us look forward to the next 35 Matchdays – from a writer’s perspective.

I present to you, a definitive guide to ‘Why you should be watching the Premier League (and convincing your friends & family to do so too)’.

1. The Puppet Masters – Can Conte keep up his consistency at Chelsea? Will Wenger go out in a blaze of glory? Will he fulfill the prophecy he chases? Will Pep Guardiola conquer England too? It is honestly staggering – the plethora of top Managers that grace the English game. Almost every club has a unique person at their helm, and each of them has a point to prove. Every single one of them. You think I’m making this up? Go ask someone about Slaven Bilic, Mauricio Pochettino, Eddie Howe and Mark Hughes.

2. The Artists – Hazard, Pogba, Zlatan, David Luiz (okay maybe not really an artist), Nolito, Ozil, Sanchez, Coutinho, De Gea (Manchester United have a scary squad). You get the point. Talent is in abundance, every weekend. There are going to be games of spectacular quality, filled with breathtaking goals. Nothing ranks above a good game of football, to me, and with these fine men gracing the grounds, the Premier League is guaranteed fries-and-coke.

3. The leveling of the playing field – The Leicester fairytale has fuelled hope and belief to every single club in the Premier League. Suddenly, money doesn’t matter as much. Suddenly, David and Goliath have the same chance over 90 minutes. Think back to the number of ‘upsets’ we had last season. This season genuinely is shaping up to deliver more such plot lines. What next for Leicester? What happens after the fairy tale ends?

4. The stories of relegation and disappointment – Often overshadowed by the shine on the other end of the table, the fight to stay in the Premier League is a story that always wins. Will the newly promoted teams (Hull, Middlesbrough, and Burnley) hit that 40 point mark? Which club is going to turn their season around and survive, against all odds? Which big club is going to go through a year of under-achievement? Don’t even utter Arsenal.

These are but just a few reasons why you should tune in this season. As is often the case with the Premier League, come May, you will be looking back at it all and wondering how the weekends have flown by. The narrative will be compelling as always in the most exciting footballing contest anywhere on the planet. Find that ringside seat, and stay hooked in!

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